Errata & Corrections - Kids Knitted Hats

Corrections in RED

Page 30


Your hat will swirl to the left. Photo is in backwards.

For a swirl with holes use the YO increase.

For a swirl without holes use a M1 increase (see below).

M1: Make one stitch:  with Left needle lift the running thread between the stitch just knit and the next stitch, from front to back, and knit into the back of the resulting loop.

Larger size:  For a longer tail, under SWIRL work Rounds 1-8, then Repeat last 8 rounds until 20 sts remain on the needles. Follow the directions for the smaller size for the rest of the hat.

Page 35

Lace Cowl

NOTE FROM LYNDA:  The amount listed was for the whole ball and I know that I didn't come close to use the whole thing. My best guess is that it would need approximately 200yds of DK weight yarn.

Gauge should be: Approx 5 sts = 1"/2cm over Lace Pattern

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In the Set-Up Round below you are moving the first Marker over one stitch, and setting up the rib pattern for the rest of the hat. I have changed the brackets for clarification. Repeat the rib pattern inside the [ ] the number of times indicated for your size, 20, 22 or 24 times. Small size work rib over 40 sts, second size work rib over 44 sts, third size work rib over 48 sts.  

Set-Up Round:  Remove Marker, K1, Replace “beginning of round” Marker (all rounds begin here), P1, [K1, P1] 20 (22, 24) times, K1, place second Marker, P1, [K1, P1] 20 (22, 24) times, K1.